At junior level, we like to follow the ISTD Syllabi to guide us through a graded system. If your child so wishes they can be out forward for exams or if they just want to come and have fun and learn new skills, then that’s fine too! We also host an annual show so performance opportunities are available.

With an ever-expanding timetable, we are sure there will be something for everyone to try here at Elevation Dance Company and see which they like best. To book a Free Taster class just CLICK HERE.


A core subject for any dancer developing new skills like strength and flexibility but also encouraging great posture, grace and musicality. We provide a disciplined approach to our classes while still maintaining that all important sense of fun and enjoyment.


A fantastic dance style where artistry and musicality is taught. Tap is important to develop the coordination and rhythm of a dancer and can be fun and exhausting to watch! A perfect class to let off some of that endless energy!


A fun and progressive class which is perfect for children who are always cartwheeling and twirling around! We follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus so all our classes are done in a controlled and safe manner. Gaining fantastic skills such as head stands, cartwheels and walk overs as children progress through the levels.

Street Dance

A fun and energetic class perfect for anyone looking for a recreational. Street dance is a very popular style which combines the latest chart and pop music and funky new moves which they can show off to their friends!

Musical Theatre

A perfect mix of Singing, Dancing and Acting! Perfect for anyone who loves musicals. We learn different routines each week whilst sometimes learning original choreography! A great combination for developing confidence and making new friends.

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