Success Stories

“Fabulous dance Company, professional yet relaxed and friendly all at the same time. Ellie is patient and very creative keeping the kids engaged and interested at all times. I can’t recommend her classes enough!”.

Helen Treece, Connie's mum

“Lovely dance school, both my son & daughter enjoy the Acro classes. My daughter has now started Musical Theatre & Street Dance too & loves them both. Such a friendly little group with lovely teachers”.

Cheryl Brown, Fallon and Chay's mum

“The classes are great for boys and girls! Fantastic mix of new skills as well as things children are familiar with”.

Emma Bointon, Freddie’s Mum

“Daisy looks forward to her dance lessons every week and has improved so much in just one year. She now has the confidence to go to auditions which was holding her back before”.

Wendy Hinde, Daisy’s Mum

“Lots of fun! Ella loves it and is excited when we arrive every week!”

Ella’s Mum

“My daughter has developed her listening skills and now follows instructions much better. She loves every second!”.

Rebekah Beer, Isabelle’s Mum

“William was bouncy and loved music and dance but could be clingy to me. I was worried the class would be girl orientated but it’s not, and he now really loves listening and watching instructions independently”.

William’s Mum

“the dance classes are a breath of fresh air! We love watching week as it’s great to see how much she has improved”.

Katy White, Robyn’s Mum

“Maizie’s flexibility has improved so much since beginning the Acrobatics class. She enjoys all the varied dance classes Miss Ellie teachers and would be here every day if she could!”

Sarah Fernandez, Maizie’s Mum

“Both my children love to dance and now show off their ballet skills to anyone that will watch!”

Claire Hatton, Georgie and Lara’s Mum

“Isla does ballet and Tap, I was worried 2 classes back to back might be too long to concentrate but the classes are so varied and pacey it hasn’t been a problem”.

Kate Sheldon, Isla’s Mum

“I was concerned that she wouldn’t listen to the teacher but she has come on so much and loves taking part in all the different actions that Miss Ellie comes up with to feed their imagination”.

Lyndsey Petrey, Estelle’s Mum

“Chloe was really shy, she wanted to dance but found a really large class scary. Miss Ellie put Chloe at ease straight away and everyone is friendly”.

Claire Lawson, Chloe’s Mum

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